Plaex BV
Your one-stop B2B partner in high volume WebMoney transactions.
About us
Since our introduction to WM financial network in 2013, we have become the preferred partner to many international companies involved in online business and commerce. With our offices located in The Netherlands, one of the main financial and logical hubs in worldwide trade, we can provide the required flexibility in service while remaining conservative and secure.
Why work with us
We specialise in tailor-made and quick B2B high volume solutions
7 years of experience
You can be sure that you are working with a well established and trustworthy opponent with legal and financial roots in The Netherlands.
Preferred WebMoney partner
We are preferred WM-partner, so when dealing with us, you can be sure our service has been tried and tested by the system itself.
Working through Capitaller
While working through the services of, you can be sure that transactions are quick and secure.
Our services
We provide a full package of services to our customers
WM sales
If your company is in need of any WM-vouchers, we can provide you with almost any required volume in a very short period.
WM purchase
We are always looking to buy any quantity of WM-vouchers.
How to become our partner
Contact us
Please contact us so we can provide further information regarding future business opportunities and develop a time plan.
Submit company details
We will need your full company details to do a full check, so that we know we are dealing with a reputable partner. Usual details consist of registration documents, shareholders information, bank confirmations, UBO documents etc.
We will provide you with our full details as well, of course.
Document finalization
After all the checks have been successfully concluded, we will draft up the contracts. After signing these we can get started. Let the business flow!
[email protected]
+31 84 877 85 99
Herenstraat 100
3431 CB Nieuwegein
The Netherlands